Whitepages Opt-Out

What Does Whitepages Do?

Whitepages is a comprehensive public record servicer; anyone can search for a person's name and garner everything about them, their addresses, phone numbers, background, relations, and more. Whitepages differ from other people search websites due to the wide scope of information it collects. Jumping on the main site, whitepages.com, gives access to people searches, but there's also Whitepages Background Check and Tenant Check.

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The information displayed in a Whitepages people search could be more accurate. Whitepages harvest personal data from the internet, buy database access, and monitor user interactions with their website. Some of the information they utilize comes from public access tools, meaning a person's record will likely have errors. There is a process for correcting this data, but many consumers find opting out the best solution.

How Do I Remove Information From Whitepages' Database?

There are no requirements to remove your record from a Whitepages public search; however, access to an email is necessary for two of the opt out procedures below. Additionally, the Whitepages privacy policy implies it will only honor data opt outs if the request comes from California residents. Consumers beyond California may request an opt out regardless of their location; however, there is a chance the request will be rejected. If your request is rejected, email the customer support team to appeal: support@whitepages.com.

Where to Start a Whitepages Opt-Out

The section below offers four ways to opt out of Whitepages' sharing of your information. The consumers opt out method depends on their residency and communication preferences. California residents have an additional email they can use to send requests to: ccparequest@whitepages.com; they also have an in-browser opt out tool. Consumers outside of California can use the opt out tool to varying degrees of success.

Opting-Out of the Whitepages: A Guided Tutorial

Use Caution When Calling 1-(800)-952-9005

Consumers wanting to speak with a live representative should call their support line. In some cases, calling their support number will be the only option; such as in cases of suppressing multiple records or when suppressing data involving a minor. When the consumer calls, they may receive one of three responses:

  • Rolled phones, where the consumer is advised to call back later or email instead.
  • A small, automated menu with one option to do nothing and reach a live rep.
  • Or, receive a "congratulations" automated message promising a gift card.

When the consumer calls and receives the automated "congratulations" message, they are prompted to "press 1" to speak with representatives. We suggest hanging up and calling back, not because we don't like gift cards, but because the process of accepting the reward would sign us up for questionable mailers.

Consumers who do call and manage to speak with a well-meaning representative should ask to "remove myself from Whitepages". Tell the agent you "want to opt out of information sharing and selling" regarding the information associated with you. Beware of the conflation of terms during the call; opting out is not the same as deleting, limiting, or changing the information. The difference between these words is significant, as they impact specific parts of your data and corresponding rights.

Consumers can Email Privacy Representatives

Consumers outside California want to email support@whitepages.com, while those inside California want to email ccparequest@whitepages.com. Alternatively, consumers can email both, but they may receive twice the respondence. The email below features both email addresses.

Whitepages' privacy policy doesn't indicate what they consider "verifying" information. This is problematic because it increases the likelihood of a request rejection. The system or agent must reject the request if they cannot verify a user's identity. The Whitepages CCPA page can offer guidance, though; this page lists the types of data they collect and provide (below). Using this list, we can make reasonable assumptions about what they consider verifiable identification information.

Select the following text by highlighting, right-clicking, and selecting "copy". Right-click the respective spaces into an email application, and exchange the highlighted areas for real information.

Physically Mail Your Suppression Request

Consumers who want a definitive paper trail will pick this option. Although the process may take longer overall, the results are considered more "official". Paper records are referenceable in judicial hearings, so they are proper, if not convoluted. Consumers should send their requests to Seattle:

Whitepages Privacy Manager
2033 Sixth Avenue Suite #1100
Seattle, WA 98121

Alternatively, consumers are welcome to use the email from the section above as a letter template. Depending on your preferences for business letter decorum, the letter can be sent as is or with the following adjustments.

As before, select the email text above and copy it into a text editing application. Change the highlighted parts to real information and add the date above the greeting on the left. Above the date, aligned to the left, place the company's address, as written above. Add space between the salutations and your name, your signature will fit.

Opt-Out Using the Online Suppression Form

The last option for opting out is to use the online form here. It's not advisable to go there immediately, however. The form necessarily requires a profile URL to begin the process. This is the same URL spoken about above in the email section. To start the process, open whitepages.com in a new tab.

Step One:

Upon opening the main landing page of Whitepages, ensure the search tab in the middle of the screen selects "People Search". Enter your name, city, state, or zip code into the search bars and click "Search".

Step Two:

Locate the record you want to be suppressed. In the case below, there are two records for one person. This is due to their close association or overlapping information. Users who select "View Full Report" will be redirected to a search page.

Step Three:

Instead, scroll past these sponsored results and select the record that belongs to you with a white "View Details" button. When you locate the correct record, click on the button.

Step Four:

The button will prompt a new page to open; the profile is associated with the link (below). If unsure that this is a profile, look at the URL at the top of the window. It should read the profile name and some reference numbers. For our needs, right-click the URL, ensure the full address is highlighted, and "copy" it.

Step Five:

Now navigate to the in-browser opt out tool, here. Right-click the blank bar, and "paste" the URL into the area before clicking "Next".

Step Six:

The form should immediately populate with the record provided by the URL. If it is the correct record, click the "Remove Me" button.

Step Seven:

The form will next inquire about "why you want your information removed". Whitepages privacy policy implies that the responses entered here don't impact the request results. When ready, click "Next".

Step Eight:

The next screen is for verification. Enter your phone number into the provided area, check the box, and click "Call now to verify". Immediately, the phone should ring.

Step Nine:

Upon answering the phone, a robot will inquire about the four-digit passcode displayed on the screen. Enter the code into your phone, and it will submit your opt out request immediately.

Once the robot confirms the request, the web page will change to reflect the submission. Removing a record using this process may take up to 24 hours.

Check Back Later to Confirm the Process

Depending on the residency of the person opting out, there are two distinct timelines for Whitepages to respond to requests. Residents of California see the fastest responses, with Nevada and Virginia following closely. Residents outside of California may have to wait for a response, up to 30 days.

After confirming the opt out request, check back to confirm its implementation. Search your name on their main page to see if your information appears. If it does, they suggest emailing their customer support at support@whitepages.com. This guide is up to date with the current opt out solutions provided by Whitepages' privacy policy (2023).

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