411.com Opt-Out

What is 411.com?

411.com is a people and phone number search engine powered by Whitepages; the sister of PeopleSearch and other minor affiliates, 411.com displays consumer records created by Whitepages' databases. The information shown in a 411.com result is from the original Whitepages record. As with other consumer data websites, Whitepages creates aggregated reports of associated information; the data is attached to a specific consumer based on various elements, including where the information has come from.

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Public-access databases are an expected resource for gathering details, while private and government files are more difficult to access. County clerk's offices and police blotters are also commonly utilized depending on the arresting state. These influencing factors have a significant impact on the individual consumer's record. One false or inaccurate detail from a distracted user and a person may gain an offender status or worse. Also, the public details are often enough to expose a person's home, contact information, and familial relationships. The only way to protect your information is by removing it from circulation. In the case of people search websites and data scavengers, this means requesting an opt out.

Remove My Name from 411.com!

Consumers remove information from 411.com by opting out of Whitepages. An "opt out" refers to a formal request made by a consumer or an authorized party; it removes data from appearing in a search outcome (although it takes longer to remove reports from Google and Bing). In other words, opting out from Whitepages also removes the record from its affiliates, like 411.com and PeopleSearch.

Data brokers have two ways to comply with an opt out request (otherwise, they may inquire for more information or reject it altogether); they may delete the associated data, scrubbing it from appearing in search results while a new record may appear later; or they may suppress the information, which includes further data collection, and hiding the details from appearing after a search.

Whitepages aims to treat opt out requests as permanent suppressions, using old information to determine and hide new data. However, they cannot guarantee the future stoppage of data. No one can anticipate the human and technological errors that may occur. The most proactive approach to protecting your data is creating an opt out schedule with our guides. Our guides are free, always avoid account creation, and describe every step of each unique opt out process.

411.com Opt-Out Preliminaries and Where to Start

Consumers have four opt out paths to remove information from 411.com. Every path necessarily includes Whitepages, as there is no other way to opt out from 411.com. Additionally, Whitepages updated their data privacy policies a few months ago (June 2023); subsequently, guides written prior need to be corrected. As of this writing (August 2023), the four opt out methods are stable and accepting requests.

One of Whitepages' reputations relates to a difficult-to-contact customer service team. No direct line to them exists, so consumers needing assistance should call their Whitepages Premium number. Alternatively, consumers can email their request to the team, along with applicable information. Otherwise, consumers must use one of the two online forms to opt out. Residents of data privacy states can opt out using the Help Center, while anyone can use the Privacy Form. Depending on the chosen path, the user may need an applicable profile URL to complete their request; the Privacy Form section below outlines this process.

How to Opt-Out of 411.com in Minutes: Step-by-Step

Call for Live Representative Support and Assistance

Call the Whitepages Premium support line at 1-(800)-952-9005. The Whitepages customer service team is difficult to contact for various reasons; not the least of which is their hidden business hours. Consumers are expected to blind call and hope for a representative. Three events can trigger when the number is called; (1) the caller is dropped into the live wait queue; (2) the caller reaches a rolled phone message asking to call back later; or (3) the caller receives a "Congratulations" message promising a gift card for applicable information. If you call and receive the gift card message, hang up and call back, it's a method to obtain more information.

Send Your Opt-Out Request via Email (URL Preferred)

Cautious consumers should consider sending their requests via email rather than using online forms. Emailing puts power in the consumer's hands, places a barrier between the consumer and data scavengers, and avoids further monitoring. Using an alternative email address to send the request separates the consumer from Whitepages even more; this separation may be the deciding factor in your details being exposed to the public or concealed.

Direct your emails to support@whitepages.com, along with proof of your identity and a profile URL. Include a full name, historical addresses, registered phone numbers, and email accounts. If accepted, agents will add the information from the email to the suppression list alongside the record data. A profile URL is unnecessary to request an opt out, but including it increases the likelihood of acceptance. How to obtain a profile URL can be found in the Privacy Form section below.

CA, VA, CO, CT, and UT Residents can Opt-Out in the Help Center (URL Optional)

Residents of data privacy states (above) have unique geolocation bylaws. Concerning Whitepages' opt out strategies, consumers can request an opt out and receive a favorable judgment. An agent must review the document to make an identity authorization choice regardless of if the URL is supplied. Skip to the next section for the URL process; otherwise, open the Whitepages Help Center in a new tab.

Step One

Select the drop-down bar to "choose your issue". Click the first option, referencing "information sold or shared". The page will refresh automatically with the selection filled in at the top of the form.

Step Two

Into the spaces, submit an accessible email and residency state from the list provided. Paste the URL (if applicable) into the respective space, then enter "Opt-Out Request" into the "Subject" field. Enter the same request in the "Description" area, along with any other information the agent might require, start with name, address, and phone number. Those with screenshots can add the picture via the "Attachments" area. Click the blue "Submit" button to send the request; expect a quick response in most cases.

All Consumers can Opt-Out via the Online Privacy Form

Though anyone can opt out with this method, the results are not automatic; it is as efficient as the other options. There are two ways to access the form; however, users must copy an applicable profile URL before starting. The profile URL must come from Whitepages to be accepted, users cannot enter a 411.com profile into this tool. To start, open the Whitepages main landing page in a new tab.

Step One

Submit a name and location into the respective fields and click the blue "Search" button. As the following page loads, the user may get a Terms of Service agreement pop-up. Click the check box to agree, then the "Continue to Results" button below.

Step Two

On the results page, scroll passed the results "Powered by Whitepages Premium". These results have a redirect link, not a profile URL. Locate the correct record with a white and black "View Details" button. Right-click the button and Copy the link to the cursor clipboard.

Step Three

Those continuing with the opt out must now open one of the forms in a new tab. The Consumer Rights version opens on the Whitepages policy page, while the Suppression Request page is a stand-alone form. After accessing whichever, Paste the URL into the provided space and click the blue "Next" button.

Step Four

The following page shows the system's best guess at the record. If the system is correct, click the blue "Remove Me" button; otherwise, return to the main landing page and obtain the URL again.

Step Five

On the next page, select the drop-down bar and pick a "reason" for the request. Enter additional messages or comments into the provided space, then click the "Next" button.

Step Six

Submit a phone number into the space provided, it will be called immediately after clicking the button below. Check the "This is me" box on the left before clicking that blue button. A robot will call and ask for a code.

Step Seven

Enter the prominent numbers on the screen into the phone. When successful, the robot should thank the user and hang up. The website will automatically refresh, displaying a green verification banner. Agents will contact you if they reject or cannot complete the request.

Clear the Cache, then Verify the Changes

As we move around the internet, our browsers save bits of information. Clear your browser cache by accessing the browser's history settings and deleting the cache data. When finished, run a search on Whitepages to confirm the opt out process was complete. If successful, no associated data or records will appear in the results. This guide is current with the processes of opt out solutions provided by 411.com's and Whitepages' privacy policies (2023).

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