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What is
Credit Monitoring?

Credit monitoring and protection service offers monitoring and recovery of your credit information if it’s stolen, leaked, breached, or exposed. Our monitoring service will watch for signs that an identity thief may be misusing your data or records. Recovery options may include credit restoration, identity theft resolution assistance, phone support specialists, and other services.

What is Credit Monitoring?

Credit Reports

Credit monitoring will track the activity on your credit reports at all three major credit reporting agencies. If you spot any unauthorized activity, you will be able to stop it before it becomes a more significant problem. Identity theft protection cannot protect you from all types of identity theft or credit scams, but you will be able to make sure your information is current and correct.

Credit Score

We can monitor your credit score and let you know if there are any changes detected. Monitoring your credit score is extremely important to ensure your credit is in good health, and your information is accurate and up to date. You will receive periodic credit score updates, and you will be able to keep an eye on your credit records and credit profiles at all three major credit agencies.

New Inquiry Alerts

There are many ways your identity can be stolen or abused; we can help monitor changes in your personal information, including new credit inquiry alerts, which might indicate that your information is being used by identity thieves to try and establish new accounts in your name or commit financial fraud. Credit inquiry alerts are an essential part of a credit monitoring service.

Financial Data Monitoring

Credit and identity theft protection help to monitor transactions and activities that were not authorized by you, such as payday loan applications that you do not recognize, check cashing requests that you did not initiate, and various loan applications that unexpectedly show up on your credit record.

Accounts Monitoring

Our credit and identity theft protection includes monitoring your web and Internet accounts, websites, and services, including shopping accounts, social media networks, chat rooms, web profiles, website registrations, and many others. We alert you if your personally identifiable information shows up without your knowledge or consent.

Dark Web Alerts

Your stolen credit information could be traded on the dark web. We have identified many websites where identity thieves trade or post stolen or breached information. To find out if your personal information is being misused, we will check what personal details are out there and what combination of your personal data is exposed. We also generate an identity theft alert for your identity profile correspondingly.

Exposed Credit Information

One of the most important aspects of a comprehensive identity theft protection service is keeping an eye on what’s happening with your personal and credit data online. We will monitor many parameters of your personally identifiable information and generate periodic alerts when we find an exposure, such as your date of birth, public records that show up under your name, any driving records, vital records, and more.

Credit Freeze & Recovery

As part of our identity theft protection service, credit monitoring and protection includes a credit recovery service designed to help you regain control of your identity profile and make sure the problem stops, with no further theft. Identity recovery service will also help you with credit restoration and credit report issues or disputes that might arise after identity theft. There’s also an identity theft insurance policy that might help you recover after identity theft and other identity breach incidents.

How Can Credit Monitoring Help Me?

Keep Your Credit Reports & Credit Score Safe

An essential part of our Ultimate identity protection service is monitoring your credit score, giving you regular credit reports, and full access to your credit records and associated personal details. It is very beneficial for you to monitor this information as it’s one of the most critical aspects of your personal identity profile.

Credit Theft Protection

Credit theft alerts service, as a part of our identity theft protection, is a very valuable tool that might help you avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. Although no service can protect you from all identity theft, you will have the upper hand in dealing with identity theft issues when problems arise. With identity theft protection, monitoring, and, if needed, recovering your identity, it is simpler and more streamlined.

Personal Information Monitoring

Credit monitoring includes personal information monitoring and identity theft protection to track your personal information. If and when your personal details show up online, we will alert you, and you will be able to take the necessary steps to protect yourself against further issues and help avoid identity theft.

Credit Breach Alerts

Almost every day, there is another report of a data breach of a customers’ financial information. There are billions of personally identifiable customer records available for sale online that might lead to identity theft. We help you monitor your personal information. If we detect a data breach associated with your information, you will get an alert and take the necessary precautions.

SSN Monitoring & Alerts

One of the essential parts of our identity theft protection is SSN alerts. Your social security number is used in every personal loan application, every medical transaction, and all government documents and databases. Keeping an eye on your SSN is extremely important if you want to avoid being the victim of identity theft, and our SSN alerts help you achieve that goal.

Internet Security

Identity theft protection could help you navigate the Internet safely and help avoid falling prey to many online scams and fraudulent websites that try to take advantage of hard-working people. If your personal information is ever found on any known criminal websites, we will generate an alert that can help you take the necessary steps to protect yourself from identity theft.

Popular Questions About Credit Monitoring

Can credit monitoring help protect against identity theft?

Generally speaking, yes, although no monitoring service can help protect against all scams and all forms of identity theft, the identity theft protection service that we offer will give you an upper hand with detection, theft avoidance, and recovery of your identity.

Does identity theft protection include credit monitoring?

Our ultimate identity theft protection service includes credit monitoring with regular access to your credit reports and all associated credit records. It also monitors your credit score and changes that you might not have authorized or be aware of, to help you protect your identity.

Is credit monitoring and identity theft protection worth it?

Credit monitoring and identity theft protection might help you avoid becoming a victim of identity theft and avoid any financial losses. It can also help you keep an eye on your data and alert you to any exposures of personally identifiable information found on the Internet.

Can I get credit monitoring for bad credit?

Absolutely, it does not matter what your credit history or credit score looks like; we offer a monitoring service that will alert you of any changes regardless of your creditworthiness. Our service is available to anyone who wants help with controlling and keeping an eye on their financial records, credit score, credit reports, and other personal information.

Is credit monitoring safe?

Yes, we take extra precautions when scanning or using information from you that you want us to monitor, and we will never re-sell or disclose that information to anyone, ever. Our automated service will track all your personal details and keep all of your data safe and secure.

Is credit monitoring simple to use?

Credit monitoring and identity theft protection service require no technical knowledge or specific actions from you. We will fill out your identity profile and personal details, and we will immediately start monitoring your personal data for any breaches and exposures.

Is credit monitoring free?

We offer free initial scans to help you identify potential issues and alert you to any breaches or exposures associated with you and your records. However, if you want to sign up for our identity protection service that includes credit monitoring and regular credit reports and updates, you will pay only a minimal monthly fee for our comprehensive service that includes many benefits of membership.

What are the benefits of credit monitoring?

Credit and identity theft protection include identity monitoring, credit monitoring, exposed records monitoring, credit restoration, and other forms of identity theft and identity recovery protection services. These identity protection services will actively monitor your personal information and alert you in an event it’s found online.

Does credit monitoring, including monitoring my data on the Internet?

You will be able to keep an eye on your personal information and details with our identity theft protection and monitoring service that generates an alert and notifies you in the event of a data breach or other identity incident associated with you and your identity profile.

How can I sign up for credit monitoring?

Go to our signup page and enter the required information to start the monitoring service. You can also run any of our free scans to see if your information has been marked as breached or exposed and follow the simple on-screen directions to enroll and open your monitoring account. You will be able to start monitoring your identity right away.

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