CoreLogic Opt-Out

What is CoreLogic?

CoreLogic is a credit consumer reporting company; like credit bureaus like Equifax and TransUnion, CoreLogic records consumer data. What differentiates CoreLogic from the others is CoreLogic's main interest: real estate and property information. Consumers in CoreLogic's database have all their property-influencing data recorded, including bankruptcies, liens, judgments, support obligations, tax statuses, legal filings, and more.

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CoreLogic does more than collect and disperse consumer data. They also provide qualified consumers with opportunities for financial and property solutions. Such solutions may come in the form of a "firm offer" from a credit lender; others may receive limited-time offers from insurance providers. These offers are curated for the consumer and often have better terms and conditions than public offerings.

CoreLogic's conglomerate, Symbility Solutions Inc., oversees many companies, so to get your information completely suppressed, you'll need to notify both. Further, depending on how long you want to stay opted out, some paths are more impactful.

Requirements to Remove Myself/My Name From CoreLogic

There are no requirements for a CoreLogic opt out; but there are some important things to remember before beginning the process. (1) If choosing the email route, you'll need to email CoreLogic and Symbility, their emails are below. (2) It is your right not to provide personally identifying information during the opt out process; this involves information like your Social Security Number and date of birth. However, not providing this information may deny the opt out request based on lack of identification. If your opt out request is denied, you can try again using another avenue, but it may be better to call.

Why We're Opting Out and Where to Start

Every consumer has a right to control how companies use their data, to an extent. Federal law allows credit companies certain freedoms in gathering and storing consumer information; opting out severs the contact between the consumer and company, but the company may still retain the data. For the individual consumer, this is a good thing. Getting a "suppression flag" on your personal information means being added to the "Do Not Contact" list.

Open a new tab within your normal browser and follow the guide below. This detailed guide offers five procedures, each with different territories of impact. For the most suppression, consider unsubscribing, physically mailing, and opting out of targeted ads online. On the other hand, just unsubscribing will remove you from their email lists. These methods and a few more are listed below, with step-by-step guidance, resource links, and descriptions.

How to Remove Information From CoreLogic:
Detailed Guide

Call CoreLogic for a Five-Year, Temporary Opt-Out

Consumer credit companies aim to give individuals more purchasing power. They curate offers and negotiate the best terms for the consumer, but that doesn't mean they are always welcome. One option consumers have is to request a temporary opt out over the phone. The temporary opt out runs for five years before it is dissolved; shortly following this, the offers will begin automatically.

CoreLogic allows consumers to call them directly at 1-(877)-309-5226 to make changes to their data. One option offered is the temporary opt out. Call them to connect with a customer representative, no automated menus exist.

Unsubscribe from Direct Marketing

CoreLogic's privacy policy (below) shows their policy on "opting out". For them, this means "unsubscribing" from their marketing communications, typically completed over email. Note, however, that unsubscribing is not the same as a full-scale opt out. Unsubscribing from CoreLogic's direct marketing will ensure they have no immediate contact with you, but their affiliates still have permission.

Additionally, it is important to notice the diction in the policy above. They encourage using the automated link while also implying that in opting out through it, the consumer is also opting out of all other services. Such an implication is made by no other reference being made for opt out solutions, other than presumably important contacts. These observations are only made more apparent by the policy's lack of an "opt out link" promised.

Consumers who unsubscribe from communications with CoreLogic will still receive offers curated from CoreLogic's information. To fully opt out of CoreLogic (and Symbility), follow the procedure below: email both companies or physically mail your request.

Email CoreLogic and Symbility Directly

Although a consumer cannot permanently opt out using this method, starting with this option may be worth it. Consumers who start with this option benefit from having their credentials verified ahead of time; verifying credentials is trickier over physical mail, they have hard-set standards, and lacking one element makes the entire process difficult.

However, starting the process over email starts a history of suppression, a referenceable "paper" trail. Besides helpful judicial references, consumers can also explain their desires; a valid explanation is more likely to sway a staunch representative. Copy this template into your email application, then exchange the highlighted sections for real information:

Physically Mail CoreLogic for Permanent Opt-Out

The other option for opting out is mailing the qualifying forms to the right locations. This route is a permanent solution unless the consumer actively signs themselves in again (opting in). CoreLogic has a nifty form consumers must print out, complete, and mail (below); you can find a direct link to the printable form here.

Consumers who live in the United States mail their forms to the San Diego Offices:

CoreLogic Teletrack
Opt-Out Request
PO Box 509124
San Diego, CA 92150

While consumers living in Canada mail their forms to Symbility's offices in Toronto:

Data Protection Officer
Opt-Out Request
30 Adelaide East Street, 5th FL
Toronto, ON M5C 3G6

Opt Out of Targeted Browser Advertisements

There's only one more way to opt out of CoreLogic, and that's by changing your browser permissions. Your browser permissions are responsible for what websites are "allowed" to do on your computer. As such, marketing companies send targeted adverts to you based on data it has collected in the past. Also called "cookies", these permissions let a website gather and record insights as you use the browser. Often, they are also necessary for the website to function as intended.

Step One

Opting out of CoreLogic and Symbility's cookies is easy. First, head to Symbility's Cookie Preferences (below). Notice that upon the first loading of this page, the three "Cookies in Use" are marked as "Enabled".

Step Two

Select each blue check mark to make the box blank (below). Then click the "Update" button when ready.

And… that's it. The page refreshes, but the new page stays the same. The three boxes are unchecked; try to refresh the page, and it'll warn you not to. Next, you close the window and open a new one, then head back to the Cookie Preferences page. This time, the boxes will still be unchecked, a change from the first time around. That's confirmation of the request.

Check Back Later to Confirm the Process is Complete

Unless you are a resident of California, CoreLogic, and Symbility are not required to respond. They consider a petition to opt out of a request; they do not necessarily have to comply if they deem the opt out "reason" invalid or incomplete.

If the opt out request is successful, offers and marketing connected to CoreLogic should stop in the following few months. Due to Symbility's data sharing, offers can continue to be sent based on predetermined mailing lists. If, after six months, the offers do not slow or stop, call customer support (above). This guide is up-to-date with the current process of opt out solutions provided by CoreLogic and Symbility's privacy policies (2023).

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