ClustrMaps Opt-Out

What is ClustrMaps?

ClustrMaps is a public records "encyclopedia"; interested parties need only a name or address to generate a corresponding aggregate report using their search tools. When searches are done on people search websites, like ClustrMaps, the resulting record comes from a combination of data. Multiple sources like companies or agencies and public-access platforms like social media or online accounts allow continuous data collection.

What is ClustrMaps?
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Traditional people search websites cannot guarantee accurate records. They cannot provide this because the public may make mistakes when filing public forms or making personal accounts. ClustrMaps avoids any promise of accuracy regarding the data associated with a specific record; they don't even guarantee the timelines presented in their reports. This means consumer reports from ClustrMaps may be inaccurate or completely wrong. Consumers can create an account and request the data be corrected, but most find a better way, opting out of ClustrMaps.

When opting out of ClustrMaps, the report associated with the request is suppressed from internal searches. The record may appear in external searches like Google for up to two weeks following a successful opt out. To remove information from ClustrMaps public searches, each record must receive an individual opt out request. The guide below explains how to make opt out requests to ClustrMaps, alongside detailed descriptions, screenshots, and resource links.

Requirements for A ClustrMaps Opt-Out

There are no personal requirements to opt out of ClustrMaps' public searches; every option listed below should take no more than ten minutes, all are free, and involve no account creation. All procedures below require an applicable URL and accessible email address. The following methods will only work if the correct profile URL is submitted, ClustrMaps will not finish the process otherwise. Additionally, although ClustrMaps requires an email for contacting and verification purposes, the address can be from an alternative account.

Alternative email accounts are a necessity for interacting with any people search website. Alternatives preserve personal cybersecurity, limit directed adverts, and protect a user's real contact information from data scavengers. Registering an alternative email address takes only a few minutes; it better protects you from falling victim to scams, account break-ins, data breaches, and direct cyber attacks.

What are My Opt-Out Options?

ClustrMaps' privacy policy describes one method. However, there are two known to work. Consumers can email the privacy team directly, but they maintain a 30-day response leeway. The online form is the main system used for opt outs; their Frequently Asked Questions and privacy policy redirect to it. ClustrMaps does not provide a support line, subsequently, consumers can only speak to the privacy team via the listed procedures.

How to Opt-Out of ClustrMaps: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Obtain the Profile URL Necessary for Opting-Out

As stated above, a ClustrMaps opt out request requires a corresponding URL; although their privacy policy does not include a profile URL as part of the opt out process, it's a requirement. Without this URL, the company can claim ignorance over "which record must be removed". Then, they can claim architecture or foundational software issues to further push the goal post from the consumer. The best way to circumvent opt out roadblocks is by anticipating and deliberately responding to them. In the case of ClustrMaps, this means picking up the profile URL before moving to one of the procedures below. Obtaining a profile URL from ClustrMaps is simple, to start, open the landing page,

Step One

After opening the main landing page, ensure the search criterion is set to "People". Enter the person's name associated with the record needing to be suppressed. Records not directly associated with the person requesting the opt out may be successfully suppressed; however, the process requires additional verifications of identity where applicable. We entered a name for this guide and clicked the blue "Find" button.

Step One

The resulting page displays records with possible associations with the searched name. If ClustrMaps has a record for a specific consumer, it should be shown here. Common names may return hundreds of results. In those cases, the search may need to be performed using the more advanced search options, starting with the state search on the right.

Step Two

Locate the record you want to be suppressed on the results page. Once found, right-click the respective "View Details" button to the right. Select the "copy" option from the cursor menu, this URL can be "pasted" into other places. The proper URL will have similar formatting to: If the copied link does not have this format, close the browser completely and restart the process.

Step Two

Email Your Request to the ClustrMaps Privacy Team

Consumers wanting to avoid the ClustrMaps website should email their request. Opting out a record on behalf of another person requires a photo ID to be attached to this email. All privacy inquiries need an applicable profile URL, as stated above. Use the steps to collect the necessary URL(s) and paste them into the email. The template below can be copied/pasted into an email creator; from there, exchange the highlighted bits for actual information.

Complete the Opt-Out Form Process Online

Most consumers will find that using their online form is the easiest way to opt out of ClustrMaps. Some consumers, who emailed their request originally, may be effectively ignored and redirected to use this procedure. Whatever the circumstances, the most difficult steps are at the beginning, where the user must locate their profile URL. Follow steps one and two from the outline above, then return here for further instructions.

Step Three

After obtaining an applicable profile URL, open the ClustrMaps Opt Out Form in a new tab. Enter your full name and a (preferably alternative) email address into the spaces provided. Right-click the space given for the URL to paste the address into the area. Enter a residential address for verification purposes, include the requested information: house number, street, city, state, and zip code. (The internal system may return an error if the address is submitted wrong.) When finished, click the blue "Next Step" button at the bottom of the page.

Step Three

The web page will automatically refresh when done, showing one or more lists. Each list displays pieces of assumed information connected to the record. Users must check each item within the lists. Otherwise, the suppressed record may reappear in association with those other elements. For example, if a phone number remains, and a search uses it, the record may appear, though ClustrMaps will hide aspects of it.

Step Four

Check each applicable box on the left side. The boxes turn blue, and the details cross out upon selection. Select them all, then click the blue "Apply" box.

Step Four

Two results are possible at this point; on the one hand, if the user enters the needed details correctly, they will likely get a "Success!" page (below). However, if the process takes too long or submits inaccurate details, the user will receive a 404-error page. Getting an error page should be taken as a redirection to the beginning of this process. Close the browser completely, then reopen it. Obtain the profile URL from the beginning, then finish the above steps. Take special care in properly formatting the address sections of the data entries; the system prefers acronyms over full words.

Return to Run a Verification Search

After the request is accepted, it can take up to two weeks before the record disappears from all searches. Return after the request confirms to run a verification search using ClustrMaps' search. If successful, no record will appear with the previously associated data. ClustrMaps can avoid or reject a privacy request unless you live in California. Residents of Cali are entitled to specific data privacy rights, which private entities must honor.

In some cases, ClustrMaps could ignore the request rather than accept or reject it; if this happens, continue to make the request. Consumers should return annually to request a suppression of their most recently released public information. This guide is up to date with the current processes of opt out solutions provided by ClustrMaps' privacy policy (2023).

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