Ownerly Opt-Out

What Does Ownerly Do?

Ownerly is a property records data broker; interested parties can enter any address, pay a small fee, and garner everything public about a property, private or commercial. Ownerly's services attract homeowners, property moguls, flippers, sellers, and buyers. Ownerly's services, more specifically, are aggregated search results in the form of property "records" or "reports". These composite documents contain primarily public information, but some may contain supplemental details from government or county sources. Most commonly, the records have data concerning value estimations, appreciations, possible owners, sales histories, demographic information, and natural hazard rankings.

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Information Needed to Opt-Out of Ownerly

Concerning data privacy brokers, an "opt out" is a consumer request to remove information from public search results. Ownerly's data pertains to properties rather than consumers specifically; opting out in this sense then refers to the data associated with a place, not a specific individual. Homeowners wanting to conceal their property information must prove affiliation with the address before removing the record. Proving association with a property and the subsequent opt out process is straightforward; however, there are critical aspects to know before beginning.

No personal requirements exist to opt your property's information from Ownerly results. Of course, to see what data they could show would require a search and purchase of membership. Ownerly's connections to other data brokers, like BeenVerified, means they likely have information concerning all addresses in the US. For the average homeowner, this allows us to assume they have details on any address and property. In other words, even if the owner doesn't "know" their property information is available on Ownerly, it's safe to assume.

Ownerly's relationship with BeenVerified is different than a typical data broker and associated minor affiliate. Although Ownerly likely uses some information provided by BeenVerified, the company itself is not owned by them. In comparison, a property search engine like NeighborWho garners all their result reports from BeenVerified directly. The Ownerly/BeenVerified relationship is one of services instead of information. BeenVerified oversees Ownerly's privacy requests; thus, depending on how the consumer opts out, they may need to maneuver through BeenVerified.

Ownerly Opt-Out Preliminaries

There are four ways to remove property information from Ownerly results. Consumers removing multiple records can call Ownerly's live representatives, although navigating the call menu is extraneous. Consumers who want to maintain distance can email their request to BeenVerified or Ownerly. All other consumers should refer to the online forms for opt out requests; there are two forms to consider, each routing through BeenVerified's website. The first form removes property information from each website, while the second simultaneously removes property and consumer information from both.

How to Remove Information from Ownerly

Navigate the Support Line to Reach a Live Representative

Consumers can receive live support any day of the week, from 6:00 am to 11:30 pm EST. The Ownerly support line number for this is 1-(888)-212-8460; it opens with an automated menu that must be transversed to reach a live rep. Upon calling, consumers reach an automated menu, asking what the call is regarding; press 6 to be shifted to the "privacy requests" section, then press 1 to confirm the call-from number. Ownerly will use this number to contact the consumer with related questions whenever necessary.

The next menu asks for the caller's time zone; press 1 or another number to continue. If you have an account with Ownerly, press 1; otherwise, press 2. The following options allow users to jump ship and reach a rep through the online chat or continue to a live rep. Press 2 to drop into the live support wait queue; agents should be with you shortly. Consumers who reach a representative should tell them you "want to remove my information from Ownerly". We are looking for an opt out from sharing and selling associated information.

Send Your Request to the Privacy Teams Directly

Cautious consumers know that the best way to interact with a data broker is by not touching their website. Data brokers gather information from every interaction, especially when those actions are made from consumer devices. The cybersecurity rule of thumb suggests using an alternative email address to send or contact these brokers. An alternative address can be made in minutes and is a significant part of modern security measures.

There are six email addresses listed in the passage below. Each refers to either Ownerly's or BeenVerified's privacy teams. Depending on your situation, some addresses may be more beneficial to email than others. For example, the CCPA options are meant for Californian residents. Copy the texts below and paste them into an email creator and exchange the highlights for actual details before sending.

Opt-Out Online Using BeenVerified's Property and Omni Forms

When users follow the Ownerly steps to opt out, they are redirected to BeenVerified, shown in the screenshot (far) above. Ownerly's links, however, redirect the user to BeenVerified's people search opt out instead of the property search opt out. The difference is content; property records may still appear if one opts out of the people search. Consumers can remove information from Ownerly by opting out of the property search; or opting out of both searches using BeenVerified's omni-form.

Those wanting to opt out of BeenVerified's property search only start by opening the Property Search Opt-Out form.

Step One

Start by submitting physical details for the property, including city and state. Then click the green "Search" button.

Step Two

The following page may have multiple or only one result. Locate the correct property record, and click the green "Continue" button in the right corner of the selection.

Step Three

The next page offers the ability to personalize what data is removed. Select all the names associated with the property, then click the green "Optout Owner(s)" button.

Step Four

Submit a (preferably alternative) email into the space provided. Then solve the CAPTCHA puzzle and click the green "Send Verification Email" button.

Check the entered email to find a message from BeenVerified. The message will contain a link consumers must click to finish the process. When the "Request Is Confirmed", the procedure is finished.

Alternatively, consumers looking to opt out of BeenVerified's people and property searches can use their online omni-form. Start by opening the Opt-Out form in a new tab.

Step One

Set the "Request Type" to "Do Not Sell My Information" and submit a first and last name. Enter an accessible email and verification age, then property street, city, state, and zip. When finished, click the green "Continue" button.

Step Two

If BeenVerified has an associate record, it will appear on this page. Locate the correct report regarding your information and click the green "Proceed to Opt Out" button in the selection.

Step Three

The following page allows users to add information to the opt out list. Click the associated down arrow to open areas for these additional details. When ready, click the check box for the "This is Me" condition, then solve the CAPTCHA puzzle. Click the green "Remove My Info" button.

Step Four

Though the resulting notification in the screenshot below doesn't say it, consumers must refer to their emails. Access the newly received email from BeenVerified and click the link in the center of the message; this will open a new tab and finish the process.

Confirm the Opt-Out of Ownerly (Through BeenVerified)

After receiving an opt out confirmation, allow up to a week before checking the request status. As stated in the passages above, Ownerly will only show records if the user purchases a membership from them; to circumvent this, search for the information on BeenVerified's website. When the opt out requests are successful, no records will appear with the suppressed information. Additionally, allow a fortnight to pass before checking for information on any large search engine like Google or Bing. This guide is current with the processes of opt out solutions provided by Ownerly's and BeenVerified's privacy policies (2023).

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