PeekYou Opt-Out

What Does PeekYou Do?

PeekYou is an association people search; as with similar sites, entering a target's basic details returns a long list of personal information about them. PeekYou differs from most other aggregate search sites due to its collection of proclaimed "scattered content".

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"Scattered content" is already public information about a person, harvested from social sites, news sources, websites, home pages, and blogs. The scattered content that PeekYou utilizes makes it possible to search a person's full name, phone, address, and username. These online details--and information collected by websites, conglomerates, and the government--are basted to create composite profiles. The accuracy of these profiles is not guaranteed; consumers can create an account to change the information associated with them, but many more are interested in opting out.

Requirements to Remove My Name From PeekYou

There are no personal requirements to remove oneself from PeekYou's public searches. The guided tutorials below offer three ways to opt out of PeekYou's affiliate sharing and selling of information; all procedures are free and require no account creation.

Using an alternative email account when interacting with people search websites is highly recommended. PeekYou's opt outs require an email for verification and communications, but no additional authorization steps exist. PeekYou also offers two types of online opt out forms. Both of these forms are expounded upon in later sections of this guide. Before reaching those procedures, however, it's recommended consumers collect their profile URL or unique ID. Subsequent passages outline this process.

Options to Remove Information from PeekYou

There are three ways to request a privacy data opt out from PeekYou. Consumers requiring assistance from the privacy team can email their request; although those without the correct identifiers (like a profile URL) may be rejected. PeekYou also hosts two online forms meant to be efficient solutions.

One opt out form is reserved for Californians, in compliance with CCPA and CPRA, it requires a "unique ID". The other form is for residents outside California; the URL and ID are optional. The form for Californians is automated, while the other is not. Outside consumers who use the Californian version must know: PeekYou is only obligated to send responses to Californians.

How to Acquire the PeekYou Profile URL and Unique ID

The PeekYou profile URL and unique ID are necessary for a successful suppression request. The profile URL regards the specific page of the record, while unique IDs are the latter portion of that URL. To start, open in a new tab.

Step One

Enter a first and last name into the people search. Select from the drop-down states menu, then click the green magnifying glass button.

If PeekYou does not have a record associated with your details, it will return no "results" from its search. Instead, it will show the suggestions of other websites like TruthFinder, Spokeo, and BeenVerified. Here is a shot of a search with no record on PeekYou:

And below is a screenshot of a broad search, which returned many matches. Note that the section directly below the blue bar is PeekYou's tabs, not sponsored searches, as in the shot above.

Step Two

Locate the record associated with your information. Once found, right-click the black name on the left and copy the URL address to the cursor clipboard.

The URL copied should look like the following:

Each digit is randomized and together composes the profile's unique ID. Paste the entire URL into emails, or the ID into the spaces provided on their forms. This method of obtaining a specific URL assists in opting out of other people's search websites.

PeekYou Opt-Out Paths: Complete, Guided Tutorials

Send an Email to the PeekYou Privacy Team

Cautious consumers wanting to make and keep a record of their requests are encouraged to email the PeekYou privacy team. PeekYou's privacy policy differs from similar policies because it does not indicate what they consider "verifiable" data. Subsequently, the consumer is left to guess what the support team deems sufficient to verify a user's identity. If the information is not verifiable, there is an increase in the likelihood of any request being rejected.

Email-based data requests should therefore follow the formatting of PeekYou's online forms. At the end of each form, permission boxes confirm PeekYou's Terms and Conditions. Email requests closely aligned with the information and permissions of these forms are more likely to be accepted and enacted. Consumers may create their request email using the template below; or copy and paste the text into an email composition editor (exchanging the yellow parts for actual details).

The PeekYou Opt-Out Form for Residents Outside of California (ID Necessary)

Consumers outside California can request their opt out through the PeekYou Opt Out form. The form is quick to fill in (assuming you have the profile unique ID in hand). Unlike similar sites, PeekYou has no automated process, so consumers must respond to the verification email themselves. How to do this and more is displayed below.

Step One

To complete this form, users must get their unique profile ID from their record URL. As mentioned above, the ID is the nine digits in the latter half of the URL; the profile URL in the shot below is censored in yellow. Copy these numbers to the clipboard.

Step Two

After obtaining the unique ID, open the PeekYou Opt Out form in a new tab. Enter your first and last name, email (twice), and the unique ID. Following this, solve the CAPTCHA, and agree to the Terms of the form (two checkboxes). When everything is filled in and checked, "Submit" the form by clicking the button.

The website should respond immediately and display the following information. Note the added highlights: consumers must reply to the email they receive. Thus, the next step is accessing the submitted email.

Step Three

Open the email from; the shot below has an additional highlight, their request for a reply. Depending on your email provider, select "reply" and send them a quick confirmation message. Sending a reply is non-optional; it is necessary to complete the removal process.

The PeekYou Opt-Out Form for Residents of California (URL/ID Optional)

Alternatively, residents of California should use the CCPA quick form. Entering a profile URL or unique ID is highly recommended because it skips a secondary authorization step.

Step One

To begin, obtain the profile URL or unique ID. These elements are optional but increase the chances of the request being accepted. Actual consumers may want to enter their social media account data.

Step Two

After obtaining the profile URL or unique ID, open the PeekYou "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" form. The consumer's first and last names, email, city, and state, are necessary pieces of data. Once these elements are entered, solve the CAPTCHA, confirm the four "Terms" checkboxes, and click the "Submit" button.

The page will refresh into a message like the one above, directing the user to the entered email. Within their Inbox should be an email from; this email differs from the other. The last one required a response, but this has an automated link.

Step Three

Click on the indicated link. It will open a new tab and display a verification:

Peek the Status, then Check Back Annually

Verification pages are different from confirmation or acceptance of a request. At any time PeekYou may run into issues and not enact the request. Unless a California resident, they may not tell the consumer either. The best action is to check back periodically since new records may surface. This guide is up to date with the current processes of opt out solutions provided by PeekYou's privacy policy (2023).

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