MyLife Opt-Out

What Does MyLife Do?

MyLife is an information broker and analyzer; users can enter a name and obtain public access knowledge about their target. What sets MyLife apart is its internal "Reputation" calculator. The AI compiles search results into a single report and can also return a community "reputation" score, similar to a credit score. Unlike a credit score, the MyLife reputation means very little, most users have no idea they "have one".

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MyLife gathers information about individuals based on publicly available databases, cookies, web beacons, and more. Essentially, if you are interacting with them, they are monitoring. A byproduct of this is excess, incomplete, or wrong information; of course, the consumer can create an account to rectify any incorrect data, but opting out is easier.

Requirements to Remove My Name From MyLife

Depending on the procedure chosen for opt out, the user may need a phone, an email, or an internet connection. The consumer using the online form will not need to create an account with MyLife to access their profile. Creating an account with them opens your email to their promotional adverts; users can turn these off by clicking the "unsubscribe" link located at the bottom of their emails. This process is a bonus section outlined at the bottom of the guide below.

What are My Options for Opting-Out?

It's easy to remove information from MyLife; information suppression requests are usually granted to California, Virginia, and Nevada residents. Each state has data broker privacy laws, impacting the resident's data rights. Residents outside of these states may face a request rejection; if this occurs, email the customer support options below. MyLife offers three ways to opt out of their information sharing: email, write, or complete the online form. The following section offers a complete guide on these procedures, screenshots, resource links, and detailed instructions.

Opting-Out of MyLife: A Complete Guide

When You Call MyLife Support

As of 2023, there are no working live support representatives from MyLife. The "Contact Us" page from MyLife confirms this, as no phone numbers are available (below). What is available on this page is an email reserved for press inquiries and member support. Consumers who aren't members of the website (or press) must find another way to contact the representatives.

A quick online search of MyLife's customer support numbers returns two options:

  • 1-(888)-704-1900
  • 1-(877)-820-9006

Both numbers above are old MyLife support numbers. Calling them returns the same automated message, asking the consumer to email the support team (2023). The following section details the process for emailing MyLife.

Email Requests to the Privacy Team

Consumers looking for a distant way to opt out of MyLife should consider emailing them directly. MyLife's privacy policy doesn't list the specific information they consider "verifying"; they only iterate they need a profile URL to delete a record (highlighted red in the shot below). Consumers receiving an email requiring a specific URL should follow the first two steps of the "Online Form" procedure below.

Consumers can email the MyLife privacy team through two separate emails, written below. Additionally, consumers of MyLife can also send their requests to a third account: Copy the text below, then paste it into a text application to make the necessary adjustments (highlighted yellow).

Print Out Your Request and Mail It In

Alternatively, consumers wanting to leave a physical paper trail should consider mailing their request to the offices. Mailing the request takes longer overall, but it ensures that the process can be referred to during judicial hearings. Besides courtroom benefits, mailing an opt out request will likely be accepted as it is an "official document".

The mail-in request process is simple; copy the email from the section above into a text application. Change out the highlighted areas for real information. Then, add the date and address (below) to the top left and additional space between the farewell and your name. Write your signature into this space before you send it to Los Angeles:, Inc.
Attn: Privacy
907 Westwood Blvd. (#359)
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Request Suppression through the Online Form

Consumers can also request their opt out through MyLife's online form. If taking this route, the user is cautioned against leaving the outlined path. Sometimes, the MyLife website may trigger a "register account" pop-up that pressures the user into compliance. At no point is it necessary to create an account with them to view your record or request an opt out; yet there may be pressure to do so.

Users can avoid these pop-ups by keeping their mouse cursor in the center of the web page. They can exit the pop-up by always selecting the "continue using free" option in the top right. (Sometimes, the top right link does not work, scroll to the bottom to use the working option, 2023.)

Interestingly, the online form has a space where users can enter the URL of their reputation record. The difficulty in this is that to obtain the link, the user will be encouraged to create an account. Instead, follow the procedure below to avoid account creation altogether.

Step One:

Open in a new tab and enter your full name into the search bar. Click the "This is Me" tab on the right, then the "Search" button to the farthest side.

Step Two:

The next page will show a list of possible search results for the entered name. Scroll down the list until you find your record or the record you want to suppress. Right-click on the blue name and age on the left side of the box.

Step Three:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" link. Or follow our link, here, to go to the form page directly.

Step Four:

After navigating to the online form, fill it out. Only your first and last name, city, state, and zip code are noted as necessary. We recommend filling out these spaces, the email address space and the URL space. Put the URL into the box by right-clicking and selecting paste. When ready, scroll down.

Step Five:

Select the check box concerning cookies, solve the CAPTCHA by selecting it, then click the gray "Opt Out" button.

Immediately, the internal system will accept the request and produce a confirmation:

Presumably, after 15 days, the user will receive an email confirmation of their request, and a response of complicity or rejection.

Unsubscribe from Direct Emails

MyLife utilizes different types of emails depending on the reason for sending the email. A byproduct is that there are different links to look for; the links are in different places, depending on the email. If the email is a direct marketing advert, it will look like the white screenshot below; conversely, if it is directly from MyLife, it will look like the second screenshot.

Step One:

In both cases, the consumer must locate the hyperlink "unsubscribe". In the direct marketing ad, the link is gray, while in the direct communication, the link is teal. After locating the link in your email, click on it.

Step Two:

Both links redirect the user to their "Email Preferences" page. Notice that all boxes are checked blue. The user can unselect each of these or click the gray "Unsubscribe From All Emails" button (below).

The page will process the request immediately. When finished, it will display a confirmation of the request; and a note that it can take up to 10 days for the request to go into action:

Verify the Changes, then Check Back Annually

According to their privacy policy (first screenshot), MyLife has 45 days to respond to any data change request. Sometimes, they can call for a 45-day extension to respond, while others may reject the request. The same passage also mentions maintaining the right to impose fines on consumer requests.

Once opted out, the work isn't done. Consumers will need to verify the results of their request; search for your name after receiving confirmation of suppression. There should be no privacy record available. This guide is up to date with the current opt out solutions provided by MyLife's privacy policy (2023).

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