ZabaSearch Opt-Out

What Does ZabaSearch Do?

ZabaSearch is a people search engine; consumers can search for any person's public information, ranging from email to physical addresses and everything in between. Like Google, ZabaSearch pulls together aggregate data records and presents them to the searcher. The data displayed on these records are gathered from various sources, including already public data and some government institutions. Subsequently, the data shown in the resulting records may be incorrect or overly personal.

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In the case of ZabaSearch, records are displayed based on the information already cultivated by Intelius; unlike ZabaSearch, Intelius is a public records broker, they don't just generate reports, they retain them too. Consumers who want to correct misinformation on their reports can do so through Intelius' website. While those looking to opt out of ZabaSearch will need Intelius' resources regardless.

How Can I Remove Myself From ZabaSearch?

The only way to remove a public record search result from ZabaSearch is by opting out at Intelius. Intelius oversees the records dispersed by ZabaSearch, to such an extent that any customer problems are redirected to Intelius. Their privacy policy, customer service information, and more are all directly linked to Intelius.

As a result, the guide below offers four ways to opt out of Intelius (and thus ZabaSearch by extension). When consumers out of Intelius, they stop "sharing" their data with the public and associated third parties. The processes themselves can be misleading by some resources, as there are copious amounts of broken links and error pages. The consumer must complete only one procedure (below) and follow the outlined steps to opt out.

Where to Start Your ZabaSearch Opt-Out

Intelius gives four ways to opt out of the "sharing" of one's data. These processes also remove the user from affiliate and partner sharing, impacting direct advertising. Notably, however, opting out of Intelius doesn't automatically opt one out of other data aggregates, they must receive individual requests.

Consumers wanting to remove multiple records simultaneously or a record involving a minor should call the live help line. At the same time, those with more straightforward circumstances can email or physically mail their requests. For many, the simplest procedure is the official form using the PeopleConnect Suppression Manager. This is the same data privacy manager used by other sizeable aggregate record providers like TruthFinder and InstantCheckmate; which means opting out with the manager also opts the consumer out of those affiliates. The guide below presents the process for all four methods, alongside screenshots and resource links, whenever possible.

Opting-Out of ZabaSearch: The Complete Guide

Call Intelius' Live Customer Support Representatives

Those needing live support should call the Intelius support representatives at 1-(888)-245-1655. Live reps are available Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 4:00 pm PST. Some consumers may call and receive an automated menu. Press zero to be sent through the menu and put into a live queue. Those who call outside live hours will receive a message advising a callback or leave a message.

Start an Electronic Paper Trail by Emailing the Privacy Team

Some consumers may want to email the privacy team directly; copy and paste the text below into an email creator to achieve the desired impact. Swap out the highlighted parts for actual information, then send it off. Correspondence may come as quickly as the next day or as slowly as a month later.

Start a Physical Paper Trail by Mailing the Offices

Those wanting a physical paper trail can mail their opt out requests to the offices. This is the longest option available but also the most secure regarding cybersecurity. A quick solution is to take the email text from the section above and copy/paste it into a text editor. Swap out the information, then add the changes below to make it a business letter format.

To the top left corner, add the mailing address of the offices (below) and the date above the greeting. Each line of the address should also receive its own line in the letter. At the bottom, separate the farewell from your name and slide a signature into the space. When ready, send the request to California:

Intelius, ZabaSearch
Attn: Privacy Opt Out
501 W. Broadway St., Suite 800
San Diego, California 92101

Remove Information From ZabaSearch with the Suppression Manager

Most consumers will find their best option is to use the online form hosted by PeopleConnect. PeopleConnect is a privacy data manager that provides optional changes to a consumer's public data. Businesses that use PeopleConnect have the same opt out procedures, which are crafted to fit federal regulations. The fastest way to start with the Suppression Manager is by opening it in a new tab.

Step One

The PeopleConnect Manager will open the login landing page after clicking the link. Enter an accessible email into the space provided; check the Terms of Use box on the left, then click the teal "Continue" button.

The page will instantly change and project a message that an email is coming. Hop over to the email and access it to find the email sent by If the time limit expires, return to the login form above and resubmit the request for another timed email link.

Step Two

After opening the email, click the teal "Verify Email" button in the center of the message. This prompts the system to open a new tab, where the remaining process will occur.

Step Three

The new page will load and present a place to enter your date of birth. Rather than clicking on the date format, however, consumers must click the tiny calendar icon on the right before entering their birthday. When ready, check the verification box on the left, then the teal "Continue" button again.

Step Four

Enter the first, middle, and last names on the record. Aliases can also be entered here, and name variations separated by commas. Check the "This is my legal name" box on the left, then the "Continue" button on the right. Alternatively, select "add another name" to enter previous names or names that have been changed.

Step Five

Locate the proper record and select it by clicking the white circle on the left. When selected, the system will fill with a teal circle and outline the record box (seen below). Click "Continue" when ready to proceed.

Step Six

If the submitted emails are already known to the system, the next page will display a verification confirmation (below). On the other hand, if the system does not know the email, a secondary authorization step is necessary. After verifying your identity, click the "Continue" button once more.

Step Seven

The final page in this process is the Control panel. When first accessed, this page will read displayed as the "identity configuration". Select the "Desired Behavior" drop-down bar and select "Suppressed" before "Sav[ing]" the change.

Some users may need to refresh the page to see the updated status read suppressed. Once the configuration status reads this, the opt out request is done and should be implemented swiftly. If the privacy team cannot complete the request, they should contact the consumer within 30 days. Consumers can return to the Control panel and select "Suppression Settings" (denoted with the blue arrow below) to see the current status of their requests.

Return Later to Check the Status of the Suppression Request

Submitting an opt out request will have one of two outcomes; either the request is successful, and the data is removed, or it is rejected, and the data remains available. All consumers must return to ZabaSearch or Intelius to check the status of their data. Perform a search on either website to see what records are available. If the request is successful and enacted, no records will be visible.

Note, however, that these public records are continuously created as new information becomes available within the databases that house it. In other words, consumers must return annually to remove other reports that may have been generated within that time. This guide is up to date with the current opt out solutions provided by ZabaSearch's (Intelius') privacy policy (2023).

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