SpyFly Opt-Out

What is SpyFly?

SpyFly is a personal information search website; providing services simultaneously private and anonymous, SpyFly offers aggregated consumer records to those interested people. Anyone can garner public information about their target by searching for a name, property, or phone number. The details within SpyFly's records include a full name, aliases, contact information, historical addresses, judiciary, or financial records, and more. SpyFly's documents incorporate already public knowledge, as a byproduct, aspects of a report may be inaccurate or wrong. To correct these inaccuracies, consumers can purchase a SpyFly membership or follow the guide below to opt out.

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Information Needed to Remove Myself from SpyFly

No personal requirements exist to opt out of SpyFly's services, but valid contact information is necessary. SpyFly prefers consumers utilize their online form (below); however, they also accept requests through other channels.

Like other people search websites, consumers can opt out from SpyFly's internal searches. Typically, requesting an opt out for a specific record result in suppressing said information; the record remains in the system, hidden from public results. In the case of SpyFly, opt out requests are treated as deletion requests. Rather than hiding the record and its associated information, the report is completely erased from the system. (Although authorities can still access reports.) After deleting a record, consumers' accounts could appear again after 12 months or whenever different information is made publicly available. The screenshot below provides SpyFly's words on these reappearing records, they suggest requesting opt outs as needed.

SpyFly Opt-Out Preliminaries and Where to Start

SpyFly prefers consumers make opt out requests via their online form. The removal process following the form is primarily automated, needing only a quick email verification to complete. Cautious consumers, however, are unlikely to use the form because it potentially "exposes" one's actual information to the website. Those worried about such exposures should consider emailing or writing their request to SpyFly instead. Alternatively, consumers can call; this option is for those looking to remove multiple records or the information associated with a minor.

Those requesting via the online form or email must consider using an alternative email address. These opt out processes involve confirming personal details, but the consumer should remain cautious. Using a personal email address is one way to inadvertently expose more information than necessary to a people search website. Alternative email addresses are the best way to preserve a consumer's cybersecurity and protect their actual details from information scavengers.

How to Remove Information from SpyFly: Step-by-Step

Contact the Support Team via Messenger or by Calling

Consumers who want to speak with a customer representative can call one of the three support lines listed below. Live assistance is available every day from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm PST. All three numbers below open with an automated menu; press 1 to set the language to English or 2 to hear the instructions in Spanish. Following this, press 1 if you are a SpyFly membership holder or 2 to enter the live rep queue. Alternatively, consumers can reach the support team using the Contact Us page.

  • 1-(800)-831-9235
  • 1-(800)-301-5816
  • 1-(800)-349-9058

Email Your Deletion Request to the Customer Support Team

Emailing the opt out request is the best way to create a fast, referenceable, and immediately accessible paper trail. Each people search website has different qualifications for a successful opt out request; for SpyFly, these requirements are usually basic details about the consumer.

Additionally, SpyFly retains the right to reject an opt out request if the "verification information" sent in the email is not enough to demonstrate the sender is the actual owner of the record. SpyFly agents may inquire about more information to determine the sender's identity, they may ask for more personal details or a photo ID. If they respond asking for a photo ID, ensure that the photo and irrelevant details are accordingly censored. Your full name, address, and birthday should be enough to fulfill the verification requirements.

SpyFly doesn't provide a list of verification details, but a person's full name, age, and address are presumably necessary. Use the format provided below to create and personalize a request email quickly. Paste the text below into the respective areas of an email creator, making sure to exchange the highlighted areas.

Write to the Member Support Offices

Consumers seeking a physical paper trail can mail their request to the SpyFly offices. Use the email section above to assist in developing the request letter in a text editor. Change the format to business style by adding the send-to address in the top left with the date under it; then, create space between the farewell and final name to scrawl a signature onto the document. When ready to send, send the letter to San Diego:

SpyFly Member Support
1804 Garnet Ave. Suite 409
San Diego, CA 92109

Use the Automated Online Data Deletion Form

SpyFly's preferred opt out process is their online form. Consumers don't have to become members to use the form, nor do they need to create an account during the process. The system reacts automatically; subsequently, the procedure, start to finish, may take five to ten minutes. To start, open the SpyFly Removal Help Center in a new tab.

Step One

After opening the link above, read through the page's quick list of removal steps. When ready, click the green "Get Started" button beneath the provided list.

Step Two

The next page offers a place to enter a first name, a last name, and a state of residence. Fill these out accordingly, then solve the CAPTCHA puzzle beneath them. When finished, click the green "Continue" button provided.

Step Three

The following page will display SpyFly's best guess at finding the correct record. To the right, the search criteria can be adjusted as needed. For this guide, only one result populated, and it was the correct record. When the proper record is finally located, click the green "Remove" button associated with the selection.

Step Four

The page will refresh and display a verification page. Enter an email address on this page before checking the "This is me" box. Solve the CAPTCHA puzzle, then click the green "Continue" button again. This will prompt the internal system to email the entered address.

Step Five

Head to the email Inbox and access the email sent from support@spyfly.com. Within this email is a link that must be pressed within 60 minutes.

Once the link is pressed, the process is complete. As in the screenshot below, a new tab will open within a browser window displaying the completed verification. There are no other steps to complete for this opt out process.

Clear Your Browser Caches if the Record Remains Visible

Sometimes, the consumer may need to clear their browser cache to "see" the removal. It is possible for some web browsers to "cache" these records before the record is removed, leading to frustration. Before contacting the customer representative lines above, clear the cache of your browser(s). Access the browser history and clear it of all applicable information. The screenshot below displays SpyFly's sentiments on the matter:

Remove or delete any bookmarks and old links associated with the profile. As the SpyFly database updates, they remove records but cannot remove the specific URL saved in links and bookmarks. Once the record is "deleted", it is not accessible by the public, but older links may still show the record when clicked. Clicking on these older links will not regenerate the record but may confuse those seeking a holistic removal.

After Opting-Out of SpyFly, Return to Verify

Depending on the chosen opt out method, consumers may receive a response from SpyFly up to 45 days later. After confirming the request, allow at least two days before verifying the deletion. To verify the deletion occurred, search from the main page of SpyFly. Consumers must verify the opt out was successful; some people search websites may ignore, dismiss, or forget to implement the privacy change. SpyFly suggests calling one of their service phone numbers if the opt out was successful, but the record remains visible. This guide is up to date with the current processes of opt out solutions provided by SpyFly's privacy policy (2023).

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