Glad I Know Opt-Out

What Does Glad I Know Do?

Glad I Know (GIK) is a consumer record directory; an interested person enters a name and location, and GIK presents options to view additional information. Though it purports to be free, accessing Full Reports requires submitting a credit card for future payments. GIK's Full Reports include 30+ individual details and records, including public wish lists, hunting licenses, weapon permits, watercraft ownership, and more.

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The information displayed in these reports comes from many sources, like data brokers and public-access databases. Data brokers like BeenVerified and Intelius provide significant consumer data on the Internet; they provide privatized services for information and avenues for accessing government resources. In comparison, data keepers like county clerk's offices and voter information are always publicly available.

Where consumer details originate is vital to properly concealing and removing personal information from the internet. Removing details from one website (like BeenVerified) can remove the details from others (like Ownerly); however, in the case of GIK, removing a record from appearing in their searches only impacts GIK's internal searches. The limited impact scope is due to GIK being a search engine. They do not maintain or aggregate the records or information that appears in their searches. For most consumers, opting out from GIK and other data companies as needed is the only solution.

I Want to Remove My Name from Glad I Know!

E-commerce companies and those businesses that deal in consumer information have two ways to remove data from public inspection. In either case, the process starts with a consumer requesting an opt out from the company. An "opt out" is a request to strip data from public viewing when associated with a particular consumer.

Companies that maintain records (or have specialized access through APIs) can use suppression opt outs. In contrast, those with less influence over the data, like GIK, are relegated to deletion opt outs. The function is the same on the public-facing side, removing a record and its associated data from appearing in searches. Behind the scenes, each opt out treatment is more nuanced.

Suppression opt outs allow the company to continue recording and gathering data while blocking that new information from public searches. Deletion opt outs instantly destroy all applicable data; though this is good for a quick fix, it does nothing to prevent future records from appearing at any time. GIK treats opt outs as deletion requests; since new data can appear whenever consumers must return twice as often as necessary for suppression opt outs.

Where to Start a Glad I Know Opt-Out

There are three ways to request a Glad I Know opt out. Those with particular circumstances should call for live assistance, while consumers looking to maintain distance should email. Most consumers will find the online process the fastest version for requests. The online process is automated, deleting the relative information at the end of the procedure. Calling and emailing have similar response times, which for GIK may last up to 90 days without correspondence.

How to Remove Information from Glad I Know: Tutorials

Call Glad I Know for Representative Assistance

Consumers with exceptional circumstances should call for representative assistance. People in situations where there are multiple reports to be opted out, details involving minors, or other unusual elements should call. It is possible to remove multiple records using the online tool below; however, there is an invisible limitation to the number of removed records per device or IP address. After several removals, the website may reject other opt out requests until enough time has elapsed.

Glad I Know has numerous phone numbers floating around their website and the internet. Their Terms of Use document lists 1-(888)-846-8796 as a reputable service number, but it has been disconnected for some time. Instead, consumers who need to call should use the number on their Contact Us page: 1-(800)-622-0474. The call will open with a quick message about reaching the Customer Care Team, then request a message be left.

Send Your Opt-Out Request via Email

Cautious consumers wanting to maintain distance from Glad I Know can email their request to GIK's support team. The email must demonstrate that the user understands the process, ask for a specific solution, and provide identity authorizing details. Sometimes, people search engines and websites require a photo ID to prove identification; luckily, GIK seems to avoid this option for authorization, instead considering consumer details at face value. Open an accessible email creator and paste the following text into the respective spaces; ensure the highlighted areas are exchanged with proper information before sending.

Opt-Out Using Glad I Know's Online Tool

Glad I Know offers an online process rather than a fillable request form like most other people search websites. However, their opt out process is littered with pitfalls, so caution is necessary. The responding pages are filled with "FREE" offers and opportunities to navigate in the wrong direction. Take, for example, the passages in the screenshot below. The highlighted areas are ours, they display only the details necessary to complete the process. The leftover pieces of information are solicitations and redirections that inadvertently encourage the consumer to avoid opting out.

The process is simple regarding our opt out path, though the user may become disoriented in some places. Open a new tab beside this guide to complete the step-by-step opt out process. To start, open Glad I Know's main landing page.

Step One

Enter a first and last name into the space provided, then enter a city and state. The location is a necessary part of the search criteria. If the website freezes, refresh the page accordingly and try again. It may take multiple tries to get through the page, but there is no other way to access the results.

Step Two

The following page will show one of two screens. On the one hand, there may be numerous results if multiple people have the same name and location. Locate the record most closely associated with your information, and click its attached button. There are likely errors in a particular record, but they mean little for opting out.

Conversely, cases where a consumer's name and location are rare result in the system automatically opening the consumer profile. This is the situation in the screenshot below. Notice our red arrow pointing downwards in the shot. Users must scroll to the complete bottom of the profile to continue. Ignore any inflammatory details listed on the page.

Step Three

Look to the right corner at the bottom of the page, to find a tiny options menu. Click the red "OPT OUT/REMOVE MY DATA" link. The link automatically refreshes the page, bringing the user to a potentially confusing web page.

Step Four

When the newest page loads, scroll down; passing the numerous offers for a "FREE" record, and find the "Remove My Info/Opt Out" section. Solve the CAPTCHA puzzle, then click the salmon-colored "REMOVE MY INFORMATION" link provided.

The page refreshes when the request is submitted. Scroll down to the same "Remove My Info" area to verify the request was entered. The salmon-colored link should now read, "YOUR DATA IS NOW REMOVED". Of course, we can only know by searching the information on the main page again.

After Opting-Out of Glad I Know, Opt-Out Elsewhere

Those who search for the particular details on GIK should only find similar results, nothing that holistically matches the criteria. That's all there is to opt out of GIK, but confirmation of removal doesn't scrub the data from the internet. The information is still out there but concealed behind paywalls and account subscriptions. Consumers worried about information exposure must request opt outs from the individual websites and companies that house the data. Use our data privacy guides to inform and quickly request opt outs from the most prominent data resource businesses available. This guide is current with the current processes of opt out solutions provided by Glad I Know's privacy policy (2023).

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