Was Your Apple ID Hacked

  • By Greg Brown
  • Published: Mar 06, 2023
  • Last Updated: Mar 07, 2023

apple security protocol

Apple prides itself on IOS security and the unhackable nature of its iPhone. However, with modern sophistication and complexity, any networked digital technology can be hacked.

Hacking any Apple device is undoubtedly a time-consuming and nearly impossible task only for the most brilliant software engineers. A great feature of Apple; is creating a single username and password for account access across every networked device. Every other device on the network is available if a hacker can get into one device.

Due to the company’s secure server configurations, most security experts believe Apple devices are unhackable. However, ingenious scammers can always find ways into accounts, no matter the security. Assuming your Apple device has been hacked, what are the symptoms?

Apple and its devices have become a massive part of our daily lives; we all know how they should work if you are an owner. If something seems out of the norm on your iPhone or iPad, there is a good chance the account has been hacked. 

Your Apple ID Has Been Hacked

  • Battery usage on an Apple device is a telling sign of whether the device has been hacked. Over time it is normal for a battery to become less efficient. However, if the device drains power too quickly, this may indicate unauthorized background activity. The fix for a battery draining too quickly could be as simple as a change in settings, or predators may have taken over the account and your device.
  • One of the more critical and dangerous situations for an Apple device is noticing apps pop up on the screen that was not there before. If you see an app called Cydia, there is a good chance the device has been hacked. Cydia allows users to install apps and software on Apple devices without the owner’s authorization. This is an indication of a jailbroken phone.
    • Jailbreaking refers to bypassing device restrictions set by the manufacturer to install an app or unwanted piece of code. Jailbreaking allows the owner full access to the root. The root account on an Apple device is disabled by default. Jailbreaking any Apple device is extremely risky because it removes some foundational security protocols. Jailbreaking opens up a host of new opportunities for hackers, and it is possible to hide the process even if the phone is jailbroken. 
  • Once a device has been hacked, one of the primary goals of a predator is to connect to the internet and network with other users. In the process of this background hacking, data is being used at an alarming rate. If you notice you’re hitting the data limit every month, look at the alternatives. Your personal information is passed to third-party hackers, and the details are added to dark web databases. 
  • Developer apps are common ways to get around Apple’s security protocols. If you begin to see apps with developer or enterprise options, there is a good chance the device has been hacked. Apple allows apps to be sandboxed, which may cause problems for users with little to no knowledge of how Apple works. If there are apps you do not recognize or remember installing, be careful. 

Apple ID Fraud

Predators always use old hacking techniques for new technology, and for the most part, it usually works. Most hacking techniques work, old or new, because of unwitting users not paying attention. 

Phishing is easy for hackers to gain control of an Apple device. Hackers gain control through users who let their passwords out in the public domain without restraint. For example, letting someone else pick a password for you or you entered your password on a phishing site.


  • You get an email or text with the next great opportunity. All that is needed is a visit to our website, where you enter your personal information for our grand prize. 
  • A favorite tactic is the sense of urgency in communication. Your long-lost grandmother just had an accident, and your information is needed to help her recover.
  • Hyperlinks and attachments are nearly impossible to ignore for some users. Predators can add a phishing link to a text or an attachment to an email, and it cannot be ignored. 

Always pay attention to unknown senders, subjects, and content. Anything out of the usual should count as a red flag. Anything out of the ordinary, do not click or open! Once your Apple device has been hacked, predators can change your password, erase or lock your device remotely, and make purchases using your financial records. 

Apple provides extensive support for users on all its devices. Ensure you take advantage of the resources Apple provides the guides on protecting your account.

Protect Your Apple ID

how to protect your Apple ID

Apple takes the security of its devices and IOS with extreme caution. Users who do not respect Apple’s approach to security find they are always locked out of their devices. 

Apple requires a strong password on any device. Passwords must be eight or more characters, including upper and lower case, with at least one number. You can never use any form of the user’s name, and the password can never be reused. 

Apple allows users to set up a passcode on their device, which is handy. Another excellent feature is a very capable Face ID that should be taken advantage of whenever possible. Apple’s advanced technologies allow thousands of visual data points, giving the iPhone and iPad an incredible depth of field unmatched by other devices.

Protecting your Apple ID requires common sense, such as using multi-factor authentication and never sharing your password.

Final Word

Apple takes great pride in providing the best security on any electronic device. From the ground up, Apple builds its products with convenience, comfort, and protection In mind. With the proper treatment, an Apple device will give its owner years of excellent service. One of the fundamentals to keep in mind is always keep the device up to date with the latest security patches. Apple constantly finds new and innovative ways to secure its products.

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