Enzo Biochem BreachDate: May 2023

Enzo Biochem is a technical health company that is currently developing cures for cancer and other diseases. The company also offers diagnostic testing for patients and can help detect viral and bacterial diseases. The company generates more than $111 million in revenue annually and works with a large number of people each year. The company is responsible for storing a significant amount of health data, and all that data was just put at risk because of a data breach.

What Was the Breach?

  • First and Last Names
  • Clinical Test Information
  • Social Security Numbers

How Did the Breach Occur?

The Enzo Biochem breach occurred because a ransomware company targeted the organization. The company broke into the business's file systems, stole data, and held it for ransom.

When Did This Breach Occur?

In early April, the company learned its data networks had been breached and launched a formal investigation into the matter. It wasn't until May 30, 2023, that the investigations were fully concluded, and the company sent documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission that announced the breach along with any potential data-related issues that may result from it.

Who Does the Breach Impact?

This Biochem data breach may impact a large number of patients that rely on the tests offered by Enzo Biochem. If you depend on the company, your data may have been lost. The company sent out notices to everyone involved, and approximately 2.4 million people could have been impacted by this breach.


How Many Files Does the Breach Affect?

We don't have a way of knowing how many Enzo Biochem files were accessed in this data breach. We only know that more than 2.4 million people were exposed, and approximately 600,000 Social Security numbers were lost. If you receive a notice about a breach from within Enzo Biochem, you should carefully monitor your credit closely for potential issues.

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