Twitch Breach - October 2021

Twitch Breach

Twitch is Amazon’s gaming and streaming platform. It launched in 2011 and it is a common streaming platform.

What Was the Breach?

Twitch fell victim to a data breach. Twitch's source code was dispersed online last fall. The source code for the site, along with that for an Amazon Game Studios Steam competitor, and payout data about Twitch creators, began showing up on the web.  

A torrent of 125 GB was added to the controversial online forum 4chan shortly after the breach. The user in question insisted the torrent pertained to Twitch in full. The poster's alleged logic in posting the information to the web was to inspire competitors to step up their game within the streaming industry. The threat actor also noted that he wanted to disrupt operations with the leak.

How Did the Breach Occur?

For obvious reasons, Twitter representatives were slow to provide details about how the hack occurred. However, as time progressed, we learned more about the breach. A server configuration error was likely the cause of the attack though the company did not delve deep into how the attack occurred. Twitter's IT team responded by resetting stream keys and studying the incident in-depth with the assistance of digital forensics professionals.

When Did This Breach Occur?

This breach occurred in October 2021.

Who Does the Breach Impact?

The breach is a blow to Twitch. However, Twitch is the web's most popular gaming streaming service, so it won't suffer much attrition.

How Many Files Does the Breach Affect?

The data cache accessed in the attack included three years of information about Twitch creators. The miscreant behind the attack viewed payouts for each creator. The hacker also viewed the site's client source code, proprietary code, and more. However, Twitch representatives are adamant that passwords and similar highly sensitive information were not stolen in the attack. To learn more about this breach, read All Twitch Customer Data Has Been Exposed.

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