USAA Breach - DecemberDate: December 2022

USAA is a national insurance company that offers auto insurance to customers throughout the United States. This company deals with millions of insurance users and helps ensure that everyone who needs help has access to insurance coverage. The company is known for offering fair policies and for being started by a group of government soldiers. The organization began in 1922, and it has grown to be the national brand it is today.

What Was the Breach?

The USAA data breach resulted in the loss of personal data for thousands of different insurance users. We don't know specifically what information was lost, but we suspect full names, Social Security numbers, phone numbers, home addresses, and more. Without all the details, we cannot say specifically what information was accessed in this breach.

How Did the Breach Occur?

This USAA Breach occurred because a few employees working for a third-party call center shared their user account details without proper authorization. They gave information to the attackers, who were then able to breach the network and access insurance information for the users. This information could be used for attacks and other harmful purposes.



When Did This Breach Occur?

The USAA data breach began on December 20, 2022, and lasted until May 18, 2023.



Who Does the Breach Impact?

This data breach impacts the customers of the insurance company whose data was accessed and could be misused. We don't know specifically what information was taken, but we know customers were involved and that they have to worry about protecting themselves.

How Many Files Does the Breach Affect?

There is no indication of the number of USAA files that were taken in this data breach. We do know that many files were accessed in the breach, and we suspect that thousands were taken.




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