SwimOutlet.com Breach

Date: January, 2023

SwimOutlet.com is a web-based swim apparel store. Customers from around the world can obtain activewear and swimwear products through the eCommerce website. The company represents major brands like Body Glove, RipCurl, Speedo, and Reebok and has been in business for many years.

What Was the Breach?

The SwimOutlet.com data breach included all of the following information. 

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

It isn't believed that any financial information or social security numbers were available in this information.

How Did the Breach Occur?

A SwimOutlet.com employee created a file repository that was available to the public accidentally. The repository includes information from the Teams portal and compromised some employees at the company in minor ways.

When Did This Breach Occur?

The SwimOutlet.com breach occurred on January 3rd, 2023. At that time, the portal was created and put up for public access.

Who Does the Breach Impact?

This SwimOutlet.com data breach only impacts team members at the organization. Employees of the company may have had some of their information exposed to the public. The information was available to anyone, but it isn't believed that anyone made use of it. Since no financial information was made, public financial or credit-related damage isn't likely to occur because of this attack.

How Many Files Does the Breach Affect?

The SwimOutlet.com breach included dozens of files that could have been accessed by the public. The files included basic information about company employees and allowed users to see things like names and phone numbers.

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