Apple, FitBit, and GetHealth BreachDate: September 2021

Apple, FitBit, and GetHealth are all big names in the health app industry. They are responsible for helping people monitor everything from their daily activities to their heart rates, sleep patterns, caloric intake, and how many steps they take on a daily basis.

What Was the Breach?

Massive brands Apple, FitBit, and GetHealth were violated in a digital offensive this past summer. The data breach led to the exposure of data from about 60 million customers. However, the data accessed in the attack did not include credit card information, social security numbers, or other highly sensitive information that could be used for immediate identity theft.


How Did the Breach Occur?

It appears that hackers could access customer information by tapping into each of the companies’ unsecured databases. The businesses affected in the attack have not revealed the length of time that the customer records in question were made available. Nor have representatives from those companies commented on the specific parties that might have viewed or stolen information from the dataset.


When Did This Breach Occur?

This breach occurred on September 16, 2021.

Who Does the Breach Impact?

The breach impacts the customers of Apple, FitBit, and GetHealth. The attack has also damaged the reputations of the businesses in question though the setback will be temporary.



How Many Files Does the Breach Affect?

In total, about 60 million customer files were affected by the breach. However, Apple, FitBit, and GetHealth are popular companies, so the exposure of non-sensitive data to digital miscreants might not lead to significant customer attrition unless additional data loss is revealed in the future or subsequent attacks prove successful. To find out more, read Apple HealthKit and Fitbit Users' Data Exposed.

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