Take Back Control of Your Identity

  • Remove Your Personal Information from the Web & Data Brokers
  • Receive Alerts When Your Identity is Exposed on the Dark Web
  • Resolve Threats That Can Lead to Identity Theft & Financial Harm

Proudly Monitoring Millions of Identity Records

Identity Monitoring

We monitor billions of records on the dark web and alert you if we detect that your information is exposed or traded

Credit Monitoring

We monitor your credit profile for any suspicious inquiries, new loans, or any credit related changes

Privacy Monitoring

We scan data broker sites that list and sell your information and allow you to remove it with a click

Up to $1 million Identity Theft Insurance *

If you fall victim to ID theft, we will provide you with up to $1 million in coverage with no deductible for identity theft recovery expenses

Lost Wallet Assistance

If your wallet is lost or stolen, we will provide you with quick and reliable help in navigating the recovery process. We will walk you through the entire process every step of the way

Identity Restoration

If you experience identity theft, our fraud resolution team will deliver step-by-step support to investigate and restore your identity

Identity & Credit Monitoring

Personal Information
Credit Information
Financial Information
Home Information
Medical Information
Public Records
And More!

We track many types of your personal and financial information that could be exposed online. Data breaches and data leaks are happening more frequently which increases your risk of being a victim of identity theft. Every piece of data from your identity could be valuable to cybercriminals. It is essential to monitor your personal information & credit profile.

IDStrong will scour websites, blogs, bulletin boards, peer-to-peer sharing networks, and chat rooms to find if your personal information has been exposed. Additionally, we will notify you if your information shows up in public records or was purchased by data brokers. Our comprehensive plan will also monitor your credit profile for any suspicious inquiries, new loans, or any credit related changes.

How IDStrong Works

1. Monitor

We will continuously monitor your personal and financial information for any potential threats on the dark web and beyond

2. Alert

We will instantly notify you if we detect that your information is leaked, exposed, or breached

3. Resolve

Our identity protection experts are available 24/7 to help you take the necessary actions to restore your identity

Biggest Data Breaches

1.5 Billion
Nov 2016
540 Million
Apr 2019
500 Million
Nov 2018
250 Million
Dec 2019
200 Million
Jan 2021
360 Million
Jun 2013
32 Million
Dec 2016
167 Million
Jun 2012
80 Million
Feb 2015
412 Million
Oct 2016
164 Million
Oct 2013
148 Million
Sep 2017
233 Million
May 2014
140 Million
May 2019
Capital One
100 Million
Mar 2019
100 Million
Dec 2018
112 Million
Jul 2013
85 Million
Oct 2016

Every two seconds,
someone in the U.S. becomes
a victim of identity theft

  • There were 15 Million ID Theft Victims In the US in 2021
  • $24 Billion Was Stolen by Identity Thieves in 2021
  • Consumers Using Social Media Have a 46% Higher Risk of Account Takeover
  • There was a 68% Increase In Data Compromises in the US in 2021

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